qlikHEaderWas macht Qlik so Qlik?

das sind sicherlich unsere Core Values 

QlikTech ist in erster Linie ein werteorientiertes Unternehmen. Unsere fünf Kernwerte sind untrennbar mit uns verbunden. Wir leben sie tagtäglich, und sie bestimmen unseren Umgang mit Kollegen, Kunden und Partnern. Deshalb setzen wir uns auf jeder Hierarchieebene jeden Tag aufs Neue dafür ein, diese Werte aufrechtzuerhalten und sicherzustellen, dass sie im Unternehmen durchgängig gelebt und kommuniziert werden.“

Lars Bjork, CEO

Unsere Core Values


Qlik is a place for creating impact, not for protecting the status quo. We challenge assumptions and respectfully guide others at all levels of our organization to consider new ideas and alternative paths. And every day, we challenge ourselves to deliver on our customer promise to be easy to work with, deliver rapid time to success, and provide innovative solutions.

Move Fast

Our solutions empower people to rapidly discover insights and make effective decisions in a dynamic world operating at warp speed. But we know that momentum is more powerful than motion, and leadership is more valuable than speed. Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings to be successful. At Qlik, we pause with purpose to consider when to act with urgency, and when to take more time to gain the clarity that acting with vision and purpose requires.

Open & Straightforward

We know that sharing appropriate information openly builds clarity and benefits everyone. So at Qlik, we seek first to understand. We listen receptively to feedback when it’s given and actively seek it when it’s not to foster continuous learning. We have the confidence to provide input, ideas, and advice to others regardless of their role. Straightforward communication means speaking respectfully with no agenda other than creating clarity and understanding.

Take Responsibility

At Qlik, we take responsibility seriously and interpret it broadly. We are committed to addressing customer needs and concerns. We hold ourselves accountable for what we do – and don’t do. We reach back to help someone else move forward and mentor others as part of our learning culture. As citizens of the world, we take responsibility for more than ourselves. We donate our personal and professional time to Change Their World, the Qlik corporate social responsibility initiative. Together, we strive to touch a billion lives for the better.

Teamwork for Results

Our aspirations are too great to act alone. We are results-driven people, building one Qlik culture of inclusion. We are humble enough to rely on others, and trustworthy enough to deliver when others rely on us. We value expertise beyond our own, and proactively seek ideas, support, and advice from our colleagues. We treat each other as we want to be treated ourselves, and offer assistance when needed.